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Australia's Wildlife Information Rescue Information Service, better known as WIRES, began with a single act of compassion to step in and care for an injured animal when no-one else would.

35 years and hundreds of thousands of rescues later, WIRES has become Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, and a voice of wisdom on native species, and habitat conservation.

No one can forget Australia's devastating bushfires of 2019-20. WIRES were at the forefront of the response, undertaking more than 9,000 rescues. Following the significant expansion experienced post the bushfires, I was engaged to help redefine the WIRES Brand.

This process began with a Brand Workshop I facilitated with the Executive Team, that delved into every aspect of the Brand. From there a new Brand Platform was created, encapsulating redefined Brand Values, Insights, Attributes, Positioning and Narrative.