When meeting new people professionally I am often asked to "tell me a little about yourself" which for someone with my depth and diversity of experience is always difficult to know where to start - and stop!

Ever the problem-solver, I decided to work on my escalator pitch - because clearly an elevator ride was not long enough! I landed on four key areas that I felt best summed up me personally and professionally - or as I came to call them 'the four circles of Nigel.'


Business, brand and marketing strategist

Passionate student of human behaviour

Track record of winning pitches, growing business

Reputation for solving complex problems

Valued client counsel, mentor


Dreamer, big picture thinker

Collaborated with leading creatives/studios

Fluent in brand, design, motion, digital, comms, etc

Multiple creative awards as a writer

Screenwriter, filmmaker in own right


Black sheep of software developer family 

Start-up co-founder, recognised innovator 

Advisor to enterprise on their tech narrative

Led agile development (app, web)

Versant in 5G, IoT, AI, AR, VR


Certified B Corp, carbon offsetter

Acknowledged innovator in sustainability

Climate change/renewables specialist

Cultural tourism/indigenous specialist

Corporate/cause marketing specialist