I have worked as both Strategist and Writer at international design, advertising and communication agencies to win pitches and grow existing business, direct with clients to lead their marketing teams to new heights, and alongside entrepreneurs to bring their start-ups from R&D to reality – including my own.
Nigel Malone, Director, Icy Calm.

act like the herd. End up as steak.

Credits: SELFISH campaign for World Animal Protection society: planned, written, art directed by Nigel Malone; 'Here for the Long Run' Film for EcoCamp Patagonia, written, directed and shot entirely on iPhone7 by Nigel Malone, featuring Fuchsia Claire Sims for Adventure Junky; Everything Adventure Junky conceived and created by co-founders Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Claire Sims, with two brilliant exceptions of the AJ logo design by Serhat Ferat of Vaengad Innovation Lab and digital/UI design by Marco Cicchianni of Cul de Sac Design; eNTicing and getceNTred campaign for Tourism Northern Territory by Frost*, strategy and copy by Nigel Malone, art direction by Anthony Donovan, Group Account Direction and endless laughs by Meg Kerwick; Amnesty International dossier created by Nigel Malone and Marco Cicchianni; Getty Images digital rights protection campaign created by Nigel Malone and Marco Cicchianni; Australian Ethical Investment print campaign series created by Nigel Malone and Marco Cicchianni; QVB refurbishment metrolite campaign created by Frost*, art direction by the legendary Anthony Donovan, copy by Nigel Malone; Gruen Transfer 'The Pitch' winner Parental License by a unanimous decision, written and directed by Nigel Malone, produced by Fuchsia Claire Sims on behalf of Play; Sharkwater protest advert against the barbaric act of shark-finning so graphically executed by the talented Adrian Hing for Frost*, copy by Nigel Malone and the brilliant Anthony Donovan; Amazon Conservation Society double page spread in Future Magazine by Frost*, written by Nigel Malone, art direction by legendary team of Anthony Donovan and Adrian Hing (oh those were the days); Kakadu cinema advert for the Australian Federal Government and Parks Australia written and directed by Nigel Malone for Frost*, composition and sound mix by the incredible Ash Dargan, featuring Gagadju Traditional Owner Natasha Nadji reciting 'feeling' poem by her father Big Bill Neidjie; Kakadu National Park logo by Frost* art direction by Vince Frost, design direction by Caroline Cox, illustration by the Traditional Owners and artist of Kakadu, brand strategy and stakeholder management by Nigel Malone; Qantas Centre of Service Excellence Communications by Frost* strategy and copy by Nigel Malone, concept and art direction by Anthony Donovan; Lenovo for those who do campaign, written by Nigel Malone for Play, visual direction by Ingvar Kenne, produced by Fuchsia Claire Sims, featuring Carl 'the machine' Mullens; Ericsson Australia 130 year and counting campaign and digital history, campaign headline, narrative and strategy by Nigel Malone, creative direction by Lee Devine of Archetype; Ericsson ‘Tech Cetera’ Podcast, podcast concept, naming, content strategy by Nigel Malone, produced by Wavelength, executive producer Aranya Phookan; Cockatoo Island Brand strategy by Nigel Malone for Collider, logo design and creative direction by Andrew van der Westhuyzen of Collider; Join the Renewable Energy Fan Club by Cicchianni Malone for the Sustainable Energy Development Authority, Copy by Nigel Malone, Art Direction by Marco Cicchianni, client; Mousey Browne Dry Haircutter slash best friend Tara Walker, brand strategy, logo and direction by Nigel Malone. Lirriwi Tourism brand, communication strategy, website, product development, cultural tourism skills transfer to the Yolgnu People of North East Arnhem Land by Adventure Junky, led by the master, the legendary man that is John Morse AM.