Cockatoo Island
[Brand Strategy] [Brand Narrative]

Of grand scale and commanding position, yet for so long off-limits, Cockatoo Island is now open to the public and reintegrated into the cultural and commercial life of Sydney.

Retaining all its character and heritage from years of human endeavour by convicts and shipbuilders alike, Cockatoo
has undergone a renaissance in every sense of the word.

I worked closely with Collider and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Trust, the custodians of Cockatoo Island, to develop a comprehensive Brand Strategy for the reopening and marketing of the island.

In addition to defining the brand attributes, values, emotional benefits and essence, I developed 'attribute wheels' to assist in the competitor analysis and the identification of opportunities.

Collider then took the Brand Strategy and developed a comprehensive Brand Identity for Cockatoo Island.

This included multiple applications, from print to digital and directional and interpretative signage across the island.